Counselling | Psychotherapy | Therapy

Relationships. Career. Self-Development. These are the reasons why most people contact us. We offer Counselling / Therapy / Psychotherapy to guide you through these issues that can be challenging. These terms are often used interchangeably and essentially have the same meaning. They describe a process where you receive professional guidance on working through personal and emotional issues. For example, this could include issues such as marital problems, difficulty communicating with your boss, feeling ineffective at work, adjusting to a new job, stress, “mid-life crisis”, or feeling lost and searching for your purpose in life. The focus is to help you improve your well-being, alleviate distress, and teach you ways to function better in your life.

Clients often report: 

  • Quieting the chatter in the mind
  • Developing better communication skills
  • Greater self-confidence & self-awareness 
  • Living a more authentic life



Reaching a goal can be exhilarating… yet intimidating. We offer Coaching. We partner with you to help you reach those goals. The primary focus in Coaching is on creating actionable strategies for achieving specific goals in your work or personal life. The emphasis in a coaching relationship is on action, accountability, and follow through. For example, you may want to improve your work-life balance or your communication skills with direct reports, expand your business, or write that book that you never seem to have time for. Top performers including Olympic athletes and business executives have coaches who provide a skillful perspective. According to a International Coaching Federation, clients who have hired coaches report:

  • 67% report improved work-life balance
  • 70% report improved work performance
  • 80% report improved self-confidence



An assessment provides professionals and organizations with an in-depth analysis of personality and behaviour. An assessment involves a comprehensive interview, in addition to administering various psychological measures that explore different aspects of psychological functioning (e.g., how you think, what you need, how you behave, what you value). This provides insight, clarity, and actionable recommendations on specific areas of life. Some of the psychological assessments that we provide include the following.

MVA Assessments - These are assessments requested by individuals,  insurance companies, and lawyers. The purpose of these assessments is to determine the level of psychological impairment as a result of a motor vehicle accident. We can act as independent contractors for third parties and conduct comprehensive independent medical examinations. As requested, we provide the follow-up treatment required. 

Relationship - These are assessments requested by individuals or couples. The purpose of these assessments is to inform you how you function in relationships. There are certain characteristics that are obvious to yourself and others while there are other aspects of your personality, which you are not always aware of. This process highlights all aspects in order to show you a global picture of how you interact with other people. It addresses questions such as: 

  • What is my style of communicating with others? 
  • How do I resolve conflict? 
  • How do I react when I am under stress? 
  • How do others perceive me? 

While these questions sound simple, most people are unaware of the hidden levers that drive their behaviour. They repeat patterns that create the same issues in relationships.

Career Development - These are assessments requested by individuals or organizations to identify areas of strengths and areas of growth from a psychological perspective. It addresses questions such as: 

  • How can I develop in my current position? 
  • What do I need to focus on from an emotional intelligence standpoint, in order to be promoted? 
  • What is the next step in my career development process?
  • What strengths am I underutilizing? 

Alternately you may be re-evaluating your career and want to discover potential work options based on psychological factors such as your interests, values, and personality.